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Sealed Lips :: Loki |summary and prologue
{ S U M M A R Y }
Riley, by fate, had been caught in the middle of the battle at Greenwich. In desperate attempts to save her stepbrother, she is caught in an invisible portal and whisked into the world of Asgard.
Heimdall sees true potential within her, yet the others disapprove of her presence.
But Riley discovers a secret; one that could honestly cost her own life.
A mortal on Asgard with a secret that could kill her. What could possibly go wrong?
{{{ P R O L O G U E }}}
Hiemdall's eyes cast over the shining stars, the coloured voids of space speckled within the universe. His fingers were knotted together as he stood on the brink of the Bifrost, maintaining his perfect posture. His eyes glowed a light gold as he kept his focus purely on the battle happening currently in Greenwich.
It had been such a strange array of events
The other realms were at complete peace, yet Midgard were knee-deep in troubles again. Yet Hiemdall could do nothing but watch from the sidelines, never daring to
:iconchelsea-rena:Chelsea-Rena 3 2
Loki - Part 2 by yu-oka Loki - Part 2 :iconyu-oka:yu-oka 92 4 T. Hiddleston by KseniaParetsky T. Hiddleston :iconkseniaparetsky:KseniaParetsky 243 54
Is It Madness [ Loki One Shot ]
Loki couldn't help but grin smugly as Odin's eyes kept fixated on his childish rocking back and forth. He loved to taunt the All-Father; it gave the man a great feeling of accomplishment, reminding himself of his own rebellious nature.
Although, this event was not quite the laughing matter. But Loki was a tease, what many would call a joke as he chortled with pathetic and diabolical laughter. He moved himself the slightest and the shackles screamed, clanging a faint one another.
Odin remained his tough exterior and glared at the prisoner with his one woeful eye, "You will be sent to the dungeon where you will spend your eternal life, due to your actions and antics on Midgard."
Loki could feel his expression falter at those very words. It had seemed as though the tables had turned, with Odin now wearing the smile, "You will let that big oaf become king while I rot in chains?"
"Yes, he will become king..." Odin responded cockily, his turn at being the mischievousness God. Loki gritted hi
:iconchelsea-rena:Chelsea-Rena 11 6



Berni H.
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm a med student who is burdened with glorious motherfucking purpose.

I draw as a way to escape my daily routine. I am into Marvel, sports (hockey and soccer), Harry Potter and music. I suck at painting so I usually just draw with my dear pencil on my super cheap kiddie drawing pad.

Currently obsessed with Thor and Loki.

José Theodore is my favourite hockey player.

I also write fanfiction, in both English and Spanish. :)
My bff/brother-in-my-heart (let's call her F) left on Thursday to play representing our college in the National Volleyball Championship. I have to wait until she's back (on the 14th) to watch Thor: The Dark World together. I am currently dying because I miss her and because holy shit do I need to watch that movie or what.
  • Listening to: Name by The Goo Goo Dolls


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missjackpumpkin Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012  Professional General Artist
Un muy feliz cumpleaños!! Probablemente ya no te pases por aca pero de todas formas, ojalá lo estes pasando padre =)

Un enorme abrazo para ti ^^
missjackpumpkin Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2011  Professional General Artist
Por el amor de todo lo que sea pateable...

Espñero que te asomes todavia por esta cuenta si no... te seguiré buscando (la esperanza es lo ultimo en morir!! *sacude a todos sus villanos vuelta loca*)

Ando buscando a antiguas amigas de hace años (lagrimita), encontre de amor milagroso tu blog en mi libreta demo, por obvias razones, no te pude dejar un mensaje alla (sigh) pero de milagro, he dado con tu deviant!!! (FYEAH!)

No se si me recuerdes, soy Ashley Ketchum1... ahora cambie de nick (por el de Hayame Hatake-Umino @w@) pero bueno, el caso es que, espero que puedas leer este mensaje y cuando lo hagas, te mando un abrazo y espero que podamos platicar luego =3

:huggle: un verdadero gusto y alegria encontrarte por aca *w*